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Umhlanga Tourism Information Centre

Tel: (031) 561 4257
Fax: (031) 561 6943


Tel /Fax: (031) 561 1000
Cell : 083 2586 764
17 Charter Mews, 23 Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga Rocks
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Durban Tourism

Tel: (031) 322 4164

Tourism KZN

Tel: (031) 366 7500


All major South African Banks and Building Societies have branches in the main towns. Banking hours are (Monday to Friday) 09h00 - 15h30 and (Saturdays) 08h30 - 11h00. Automated teller machines (ATMs) operate 24/7 hours and can be found in most shopping centres.

Tel: +27 27 5611012
Fax: +27 27 5611013
Fax2Email: +27 86 5354070


Bidvest Bank has been involved in foreign exchange in Southern Africa for over 150 years and focuses on all major currencies through a correspondent global network. Solutions include import/export foreign exchange, spot and forward cover contracts, trade services, foreign money transfers and exchange control services. The bank's dealing room also provides efficient and effective solutions to meet the needs of businesses. Bidvest Bank's diverse range of products and services for both the travel and corporate foreign exchange markets underpins its brand position as 'The Foreign Exchange Specialists'.


Foreign Exchange, Travel Insurance, Money Gram , World Call Cards , Investment Accounts , Telegraphic Transfers, Spot & Forward Cover Contracts, Trade Services, Exchange Control Services, Banking Services

Foreign Exchange

Traveler's cheques and foreign currency notes of all major currencies can be exchanged at any commercial bank. American Express offices and most hotels have exchange facilities.

American Express Foreign Exchange

ADDRESS: 10th Floor, Nedbank Building, Durban 4001
TEL: 031 301 5541
FAX: 086 211 4544

American Express Foreign Exchange, as the world's largest and most professional Foreign Exchange provider,has the expertise and branch network to provide outstanding foreign exchange services to all travelers, making our service levels unmatched within the industry.

MUSGRAVE - 031 2028733
UMHLANGA -031 5661412
WESTVILLE - 031 2670797
PAVILLION - 031 2651456

Credit Cards

Most department stores, shops, hotels and restaurants accept international credit cards i.e. American Express, VISA, Diners Club, MasterCard. Please note that petrol may not be purchased on credit cards in South Africa.

Value Added Tax 14%

Tax is charged on purchased goods and services. Foreign tourists can have their sales tax (VAT) refunded at a port of exit, provided the purchase exceeds R250. To qualify, visitors must have a valid foreign passport, the necessary tax invoices and the goods. The relevant office is in the International departures section at Durban International Airport. VAT for restaurant, accommodation or car hire will not be refunded.


Australia 031-208 4163
Austria 031-261 6233
Canada 031-303 9695
Denmark 031-202 9396
Germany 031-305 5677
Italy 031-368 4388/9
Netherlands 031-202 0461
Norway/Sweden 031-207 6900
United Kingdom 031-305 2929
USA 031-305 7600


Umhlanga Municipal Office Tel: (031) 561 1101


South Africa has a sophisticated telecommunications network. International dialling and full telex, telefax, and electronic mail facilities are available. There is full cellphone coverage in the Umhlanga area, and handsets are available for hire in the main shopping centres. Local SIM cards may be bought at retail outlets.


King Shaka International Airport (telephone number 032 436 6758) receives direct flights from various international destinations as well as domestic services, including, Nationwide, SAA and British Airways. Intercity coaches and trains are reasonably priced and depart daily for various destinations. The Mynah Bus is a reliable local bus service that plies passengers around Durban and the suburbs. There is a regular bus service between Durban and Umhlanga.

Tel: (031) 309 5942/3, or Umhlanga Tourism (031) 561 4257/6943.


Please make use of, part of a comprehensive KZN tourism safety initiative.

Police and Flying Squad 10111
Ambulance 10177
Fire & Ambulance 031-361 0000
Tourist Support Unit 080-561 1297
Weather Bureau 082-231 1603
Department of Home Affairs 031-3087900
Tourism KZN 031-366 7500
Durban International Airport 031-451 6584
Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife 033-845 1000 or 031-304 4934
National Sea Rescue 031-332 9772
Mountain Rescue 031-307 7744